Smart Aviation Apps

Simple Input of Environmental Parameters

Select an aircraft, select the performance graphs to calculate of the aircraft and put in the set of required environmental parameters.

For each flight phase, i.e. takeoff, climb, cruise, descent and landing different parameters can be given, so that the performance calculation can be done with just one click.

aircraft performance main screen

Change your Aircraft and Pick Performance Data to Calculate

Our app offers some aircraft for which data is available currently. The following list shows the present aircraft types:

  • PA-28-161 Cadet
  • PA-28-161 Warrior 3
  • PA-28R-201 Arrow III
  • PA-44-180 Seminole
  • DA-20 Katana
  • DA-40 Diamond Star

Atmospheric data such as density altitude and cross- and headwind can be calculated too.

Different units for the input parameters and calculated performance results can be chosen.

aircraft performance settings screen

Select Performance Graphs

Select the performance graphs of the available graphs from section 5 in the pilots operating handbook. Typically, the following graphs are avaiable:

  • Takeoff ground roll distance
  • Takeoff distance over 50ft obstacle
  • Rate of climb
  • True airspeed (TAS)
  • Range
  • Endurance
  • Fuel, Time and Distance to Descent
  • Landing ground roll distance
  • Landing distance over 50ft obstacle
aircraft performance graphs screen

Performance Results with only One Click

Having selected an aircraft and the corresponding performance graphs, its only one click to get your graph results. You can share the results with your colleague per mail, sms, etc.

  • Performance information provided by this app is for informational use only. They must not be used as a substitute for the official approved pilot's operating handbook for flight planning purposes.
aircraft performance results screen